A. J. Musgrove on Prague Bridge, Czech Republic

I'm Arthur J Musgrove, a technology executive, entrepreneur, and practitioner.

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Welcome to my personal website! I am an experienced leader who inspires teams using technology to deliver outstanding business results You can find my latest articles and projects.

Latest Articles

Web Site End User Security Techniques

(3rd May 2018) A scan of major Web sites reveals a disappointing level of attention to end user security. We will look at various relatively straghtforward techniques to significantly improve security for users and dissuade a variety of attack vectors. Read more...

Engagement and Use Decline in Facebook

(19th April 2018) Time spent on Facebook has been in decline since well before the data privacy crisis began. This has implications for developers, publishers and advertisers. This article analyses this impacts of the Facebook changes announced 11th January 2018. Read more...

Facebook's Crisis and the Internet Trust Economy

(8th April 2018) The currencies of Internet commerce are trust and utility. When you fully grasp this, you understand the true depth of the crisis gripping Facebook, and by extension every online venture. Read more...
If you would like to contact me for consulting or advisory work, please do so by e-mail to . My career history can best be viewed on LinkedIn.

In addition to routine advisory and consulting work, I am actively developing the projects described below.

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I am available for leadership, project management and technology consulting. My core expertise is in large scale system architecture; project scoping and planning; and transforming technology organisations to align them with business goals.