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I'm Arthur J Musgrove, technology leader, bold entrepreneur, security practitioner, and freelance writer.

Welcome to my personal website!

I am a senior leader, project manager, technology practitioner, security consultant, and freelance writer.

A portfolio of my writing, including book, magazine and published papers, is here.

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Amazon Echo Hacked - What are the Implications for Smart Home Devices

(20/Sept/2018) Smart Speakers, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, are part of and necessary to the on-going march toward an all-enveloping digital life. However, like with most new technologies, the security and privacy concerns are only begenning to be appreciated. Read more...

Protect Vital Data End-to-End With Interior Encryption

(19/August/2018) Most systems have the same design flaw as the one that Twitter to expose the plaintext passwords of 330 million users. HTTPS (SSL/TLS) secures only a very small porition of the exchange of vital data. Learn how to secure the rest. Read more...

New Pseudonymisation Data Security and Privacy Requirements Apply Globally

(1/July/2018) Recent data security and privacy obligations from the EU apply to companies in the US and indeed worldwide. One of these obligations that is causing much confusion on both understanding and implementation is the requirement for pseudonymisation. Read more...

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If you would like to contact me for consulting or advisory work, please do so by e-mail to . My career history can best be viewed on LinkedIn.

In addition to routine advisory and consulting work, I am actively developing the projects described below.

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I am available for leadership, project management and technology consulting. My core expertise is in large scale system architecture; project scoping and planning; and transforming technology organisations to align them with business goals.

Looking for the Content Security Policy and HTTP/S Security Plugin? Here

This configurable and high performance plugin for JSP/Servlet engines lets you build up a content security policy and HTTP/S security based on rules matching each resource. Learn more...

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Tiny FontAwesome let's you use the terrific FontAwesome icon collection while dramatically shrinking it down and revving up its performance without sacrificing functionality. Learn more...